PocketCat 18
by Ken Abrahams  abrahams@structurex.net 

Hi Chuck,

Here are the construction photos of Enterprise.  The design is by Cliff Vaughan and is called PocketCat 18. It is 18.5 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. Weight is about 900 lb. The nice feature is that the boat is trailerable without disassembly of the hull. Just lower the mast (a Hobie 14 mast) and go. The boat daysails 4 and sleeps 2. 

Framing is exterior fir plywood and strips cut from 2 X 4 treated pine. Raka 2 to 1 epoxy was used throughout for glue, coating and for glassing. Seams are covered with 6 oz. tape and all exposed hull sheeting is covered with 3.25 oz. tight weave fiberglass from Raka. Plywood sheeting is all 1/4'' exterior Lauan from the lumberyard.

Rigging: A Hobie 14 mast, mast step, boom and main sail are used. Stays are 1/8'' stainless. I have 3 jibs. The smallest is a jib from an International Star. It is about a 100% jib. The next jib is small genoa per the plans. I made it from light weight rip stop nylon and it will only be used in light air. The third jib is an asymmetrical spinnaker I saved from a Tremolino 23. I tried all sails last Saturday and the boat is balanced with each one. Actually, there was not enough wind to really test the Star jib.

The boat is very stable in the water, launches and retrieves easily and so far has been a pleasure to sail. The only problem so far is fore / aft balance. Had two big guys on board plus a Honda 4 stroke and it squats some. I'll figure out how to balance it. Speed with the 5 hp Honda was 5.5 mph cruise and 6 mph max.  Max speed for the day was 6.3 mph under sail with winds to about 12 mph.

11PocketCatFrameS12.jpg (40854 bytes)
Frames Stem, 1 and 2
14PocketCatJig01.jpg (49192 bytes)
Frames set up on building jig
16PCatSplice.jpg (46888 bytes)
Splicing stringers
17PCatSidePlanks.jpg (36910 bytes)
Making long pieces of plywood
19PCatStripped1.jpg (43667 bytes)
Stringers installed
20PCatsSdePlank1.jpg (41781 bytes)
Partially planked, I used air gun with u staples, it goes quickly
21PCatPlanked1.jpg (39673 bytes)
More planking
22PCatPlanked3.jpg (31782 bytes)
Hull planked, still needs endpiece
23PCat015s.jpg (43338 bytes)
Taped and glassed port hull
25PCatKeel01.jpg (48554 bytes)
Detail of keels
26PCatKeel02.jpg (42685 bytes)
Keel installed
27PCat18paint01.jpg (38944 bytes)
Bottom primed with Kilz 2
28PCatBeforeDeck01.jpg (45074 bytes)
Hulls upright and spaced for decking
29PCatBeforeDeck02.jpg (48476 bytes)
Another view of spacers
30PCat18Upright01.jpg (51807 bytes)
Bulkheads 1 and 2 installed, 3 is on the port hull
31PCatCrossBeam01.jpg (42975 bytes)
Bulkheads in and 1/2'' plywood between hulls
32PCatCrossBeam02.jpg (43534 bytes)
Cabin bottom sheeting
34PCatFrontDeck01.jpg (39881 bytes)
Framing the sloping front bottom
35PCatDeckFrame01.jpg (41162 bytes)
Front completed and deck supports
36PCatDeckFrame02.jpg (33155 bytes)
More deck supports
38PCatDeckFrame04.jpg (39584 bytes)
More views of deck framing
39CatDeckFrame05.jpg (42896 bytes)
Note that watertight space is painted now
41PCatCabin02.jpg (37469 bytes)
Cabin front framing
44PCatCabin05.jpg (37582 bytes)
Cabin front 
47PCatCabin09.jpg (31977 bytes)
Cabin interior
48PCatPrimed209.jpg (31638 bytes)
Entire boat primed with Kilz 2 latex house paint primer
49PCatBotPaint249.jpg (42927 bytes)
Finish coat of exterior semi-gloss latex house paint, and ablative bottom paint 
51PCatTramp.jpg (28158 bytes)
View showing tramp laced on. I made it from regular tramp material with sewn-in border rope and brass grommets.
52PCatCockpit416.jpg (31031 bytes)
Here is a view from the stern showing motor mount and cockpit.
54PCatTrailer20.jpg (42326 bytes)
Detail of trailer. I had to add another 2 x 4 on top to keep the boat off the tires. 
56PCatJib419.jpg (45626 bytes)
light air jib under construction. Notice Mardi Gras Colors?
58PCatReady493.jpg (42436 bytes)
Note the operable ports on the front. Side windows are fixed per the plans.
61PCatClub494.jpg (29701 bytes)
Here I am in front of the Enterprise NC-1701
PCatInsideAft715.jpg (17120 bytes)
PCatInside713.jpg (21045 bytes)
Inside cabin
PCatInsideFront719.jpg (14933 bytes)
Forward cabin storage
PCatInsideFwd714.jpg (16315 bytes)
Emergency propulsion
PCatInsideNumber718.jpg (19619 bytes)
Hull registration number
PCatPhoto1.jpg (17361 bytes)
Underway, sort of.  No wind.  Star jib and badly set Hobie 14 main
PCatPhoto2.jpg (24210 bytes)
Coming out of the harbor under power with crew forward