By Wayne Spivak, ADSO-CS 1SR, 
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary has been promoting safe boating since 1939. As it was in 1939, and as it is today in 2002, kids love boating. Boating is a fun family sport, whether youíre water skiing, fishing, diving or hanging around at a raft-up. Children of all ages are on the water, and in boats of all shapes, sizes and propulsion. Thus it is even more important to teach our children the doís and doníts of boating safety. This is where Coastie, a real life commissioned Coast Guard Cutter comes into play!

Commissioned at the USCG Cutter Coastie (WAUX), Coastie is the first of what we hope is a long line of Low Endurance Coast Guard Cutters. These sleek vessels are equipped with the latest in child attention getting devices, such as lights, animated moving parts, flags and sounds.

So what exactly is Coastie and why does the USCG Auxiliary have her (actually them, there are currently eleven Coasties in the fleet)? Why is because weíre dedicated to teaching youngsterís boating safety. Educators have found that if learning is fun, then learning is achieved. Coastie is fun! 

Iím sorry, that wasnít put quite correctly. Coastie IS FUN!!!!! Now, thatís better! Children just love the way Coastie moves and talks to them. Sometimes Coastie needs to cool off the surrounding crowds, so she comes armed with a giant water Squirter! When Coastie brings a target into her sight, watch out, your wet!

Coastieís crew is a group of dedicated individuals who donate countless hours in the pursuit of educating our young. These men and women, volunteer members of the Auxiliary, also bring not only a wealth of boating and educational information, but coloring and work books, that teach and entertain.

So why not ask your local Coast Guard Flotilla to bring Coastie to your next group function. Iím sure Coastie would get a bang out of it!

You can reach your local Flotilla either through our web site at or by calling your local Coast Guard office.

44" Coastie Low Endurance Cutter (WAUX)
Number in service Coast Guard And Auxiliary-wide: 32
Length: 44 Inches
Beam: 30 Inches
Displacement: 125 lbs.
Power Plant: Two Twin Independent Electric Motors
Maximum Range: 3 Miles or 3.5 Hours
Maximum Speed: 3.5 knots
Armament: One 12 Volt Water Squirter Range 25 Feet (Adult or child Elevation Capable)
Primary Missions: Youth Boating & Water Safety Education, Public Affairs, Boat Shows, USCG & DOT Formal Events
Motto: "Saving Lives Through Education"
Operating Crew: 5 Personnel --1 Operator, 1 Instructor, 2 Crew Bears, and 1 Captain Snoopy
The 44-Inch Low Endurance Coastie Cutter class are the smallest cutters, ever built for the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary.
They are powered by Electric Motors operated by remote control, and have independent directional controllable drive wheels. Equipped with a Water Squirter and Operational Bilge Pump these cutters were introduced to the Coast Guard and Auxiliary inventory in 1997-2000. Production beginning in the 1997 and still presently being produced by the Robotronics Shipyard in Springville Utah. The entire class was modernized through the efforts of Coasties Dad, at Coastie Operations, and the Fleet Renovation and Modernization (COFRAM) program. The first of the class was Coastie 01 (WAUX-01) Commissioned on September 2, 2000 which was long over due. Highly versatile and capable of performing a variety of missions, these cutters operate throughout the United States Coast Guard Districts.
Homeports and contact points for Coasties (WAUXs) can be found at Coastie's Corner.